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Megastar Chiranjeevi Praises Teja Sajja's Movie Success at SIFF

Teja Sajja began acting when he was a kid, appearing in movies like "Chudalani Undhi" and "Indra" alongside Megastar Chiranjeevi. Now, as a grown-up, his recent movie "HanuMan" made over 300 crores, which has impressed Chiranjeevi.

Megastar Chiranjeevi

At the South Indian Film Festival (SIFF), Chiranjeevi talked about Teja Sajja's journey with film critic Rajeev Masand. When asked if there was a movie he wished to be part of, Chiranjeevi said he wanted to make a movie about Lord Hanuman but couldn't. He mentioned that Teja Sajja fulfilled that wish by making "HanuMan."

Chiranjeevi said, "I wanted to do a film on Hanuman. But Teja Sajja did it, and it made me very happy." He praised Teja's hard work, saying he came into the industry without any connections but achieved success through sheer determination.

Chiranjeevi's words show how impressed he is with Teja Sajja's journey, from being a child actor alongside him to becoming a successful actor in his own right.

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